Thursday, June 29, 2017

Course Content

The courses provided in Taurus institute of electronics for the tertiary students is designed in modular forms to enable student choose the area they need further education.

Emphasis throughout the training is on:

1. PCB and fabrication of prototype. – Our first course is mandatory for all students.  

This course teaches students all the steps necessary to use CAD in PCB design artwork and PCB fabrication both in SMT and IMT from scratch. 

2. Schematic interpretation - emphasised to give students experience in interpreting circuit schematics and understanding characteristics of components and devices for specific applications.

3. Using CAD in design and analysis of electronic circuits. - to stimulate creative thinking and instill a feeling of accomplishment on completion of a circuit execution.

4. Troubleshooting, Instrumentation and measurement - to develop the student’s analytical skills and prepare him for troubleshooting tasks that he would typically be faced with on the job privately or in industry. 

5. Surface mount technology course - SMT is the modern approach to new designs.  

6. Designing with Microcontrollers: programming, interface and applications.

This course uses two types of microcontrollers: 

a. PIC (Peripheral interface controller), which is becoming the industrial standard in control systems, is programmed in assembly, PBASIC, PicBasicPro or C++ language.

b. Atmega  (used in Arduino) –uses for basic functions in most areas of microcontroller applications (limited in scope).

7. Industrial control principles and systems. - This course teaches the concepts and operating principles of electronics, sensory devices and control circuits used in automated systems