Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Course Content


Realignment of the courses
1. Course 1
a. Component identification
b. Schematic reading
c. PCB design using three software – Circuit Wizard, Diptrace and Multisim


d. Prototype fabrication – PCB board and enclosures(using 3D software - SketchUp , Visio -  techniques for avoiding EMI

2. Course 2
a. Using CAD/EDA in design and analysis of electronic circuits
         – using three software Multisim, Tina, Proteus


3. Course 3
a. Instrumentation, measurement and troubleshooting 

       -using virtual instruments Tektronix digital oscilloscope, Function generator, Agilent digital instruments 

4. Course 4

a. Surface mount Technology
       - Identification of parts notations


 - Designing with SMDs with simulators – Multisim, Proteus


- PCB design and fabrication

- Designing for EMC

5. Course 5 
a.     Designing with Microcontrollers  – PIC and Atmega
        -   Programming – assembly with MPLABX


- Flowcharting with Raptor, Tina, Multisim and flowcode

- High level language C++ and Basic
- Interfacing circuitry and 
- Applications – analogue and digital

6. Course 6
a. Industrial automation
       -Elements of Power electronics – thyristors, triacs, power mosfets
       -Signal acquisition systems
       -Processing control continuous, batch  and discrete items.
       -CNC programming with G-code using simulators
    -PLC Programming